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SV Calla Lily Crew

Shelby and Mike both have boating in our blood. We finally took a sailing certification course in the Fall of 2019. Within 10 weeks, we had purchased a 47' 1990 Compass 47 sailboat with plans to fix it up and sail around the world. Finally, despite the efforts of one pandemic and the challenge of bringing an older boat to new life, we have sold most of our possessions (and given the rest to our three children) and taken to the sea in November 2021. We plan to spend the first year or so in the Sea of Cortez and then head West toward the Island Nations. We're stoked to share our journey with you! Thanks for reading :)

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Follow us virtually as we journey the seven seas

We use satellite communications to keep track of wind and weather communications and to keep in touch with our families when we are out of reach of cellular towers. We also post our location at

so you can see where we are and where we have been.

We love to get out and explore. Follow our hikes and adventures on Strava at

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