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Bora Bora :: HEiVA 2023, sharks and a sea turtle

No one was disappointed with this mythic place: the constant breeze at anchorage, security of mooring (made possible by the amazing support -- and sacrifice -- of Capt. Brian, aboard SV Pawsitive Latitude), exploration of land and lagoon shared with family and cruising friends.

HEIVA Borra Borra 2023 is a celebration of culture that runs the month of June. There is a central village area built out of locally sourced natural materials. This area hosts food stalls, games for kids and grown ups and a stage area covered in white sand where hymns are sung and dances are performed. All the villages are represented and prepare unique shows that honor their heritage. There are competitions that continue daily all around the island and in areas of the lagoon. We were not able to take it all in.

We buzzed out to the south east corner for a special snorkel known for the friendly sharks :: apparently they had been acclimated to being fed by guided trips, which is no longer permitted.. it seems sharks' habits die hard.

And for a spectacular finale to our snorkeling, a young sea turtle and I surprised each other with a close encounter. He decided to mosey on his way to another part of the reef.

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