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Beautiful Banderas Bay

Coming into Banderas Bay for the first time, 5 nautical miles away, I felt like I was looking at the Las Vegas Strip on steroids. From Puerto Vallarta on the south to La Cuz on the north, miles of towers punctuated the skyline. Since we have been at anchor at La Cruz, the comparison carries into the night with fireworks announcing 'doors open' for nightlife. There is much on offer for entertainment.

We have loved the otherwise low-key vibe of La Cruz as we explore the town which is easily navigable by foot. It's also fun to head further afield on the collectivos (people movers made up of a network of converted vans and buses). On one excursion, we traveled to the Romantico district of PV. Beautiful and busy, our highlight encounter was at a decommissioned tequila distillery where we enjoyed being educated and entertained by the resident expert Javier.

Being the biggest bay in Mexico provides a safe nursery of sorts for the Mexico population of humpback whales. Shallower and warmer waters are perfect for moms getting wee ones up to the surface for first breath and then provides relative warmth and safety as babies bulk up nourished by thick globs of milk. This is also where young ones learn from mom how to hop and breach and flipper flap, all forms of whale communication. We have witnessed babies breaching and they look a bit like pickles popping up from the surface and tipping over back into the waves with not much of a splash. It cracked us up!...the contrast to the towering launch, mighty showers of spray and clap of sound that travels miles following an adult size breach.

According to veteran circumnavigators Cruisers are Yachties elsewhere in the world. However we refer to ourselves, as a group these folks are incredibly generous with their knowledge and welcome of new arrivals. Many more times than expected, we have been offered invitations to share the table or to share a ride. It's a joy finding seafaring friends and willing mentors as we continue our sailing journey

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