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Dispatches from the Boatyard #2

It's been a good productive few days of short hot humid bouts of work. We took the heat exchanger bits to a muffler shop to be cleaned with their nasty chemical bath yesterday. The owner of the boatyard saw us walking down the street on the way to the muffler shop and offered us a ride which was super nice. After the muffler shop we rewarded ourselves with Thrifty ice cream. Thrifty ice cream stores are a Mexican thing. we remember them in Southern California when we were in college, but they are much more prevalent here Mexico, It seems like any town of a significant size will have one. We've been to 2 different ones in Puerto Peñasco (so far...). Then we took a shared taxi back home. A ride to anywhere in town is 40 Pesos per person and we shared the little car with another fare and the driver's wife.

On the boat, we traced a mystery drain hose from the shower drain area in the main bilge back to where the bilge blower hoses also terminate in a box that prevents the ocean from coming back into the boat. We gave the bilge an initial cleaning from the incessant leaks inherent in our British power plant. Finishing up that messy job is on today's list. Yesterday we wrestled the leaking exhaust box out of the bilge in the aft cabin. The hard part was removing a 3 inch rigid exhaust hose from it. Shelby came up with the winning idea and we got the big piece removed and it is ready for the welder to repair it.

The boatyard owner has a 1978 Vespa P200E. Mike spotted it hiding behind some boats when we first got here. It's really hard to hide a scooter from him. Salvadore, the owner, is really into scooters and we're going to help him get the engine set up correctly. Maybe even get to take a ride or 2...

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David West
David West
Aug 10, 2022

Those toe rails are gonna look 🔥

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