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Dispatches from the Boatyard #3

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Calla Lily is going to get her bottom sand blasted so we decided to go to Tucson and visit family and friends and pick up a whole bunch of stuff we ordered and had shipped to our daughter's house. We also brought our defective Iridium GO!, the axle from our drivetrain, and the old fuel injectors to be exchanged, serviced, and rebuilt, respectively. It's much easier to ship stuff from the US than from Mexico.

Our trip up on the shuttle was uneventful and fun. A family on the shuttle was going to the airport which suited us better than the random gas station on the southwest side of town and we grabbed a ride on Lyft up to pick up our one remaining car from the garage. Have you ever had an Uber or Lyft that reeked of cigarette smoke? Now we have. It was a weird ride in many ways. The car was ready at the garage so off we went back into land life.

Mike got to go for a bike ride (44 miles on a fixie wearing boat shoes) for the first time since last November with Channing and Furey. Shelby has gotten to see her mom and sister and many friends. We'll be bringing back power tools, new dyneema lifelines, a new VHF antenna, and engine parts, just to name a few things. And we will be driving down so we'll have a car in Puerto Peñasco, We are excited about that since it will give us more flexibility and a way to get around town without dealing with the intense heat and humidity. Every trip from the air conditioned apartment results in soggy clothes and often grumpy cruisers.

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