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Dispatches from the Boatyard #4

And just like that, 11 days go by. What the heck have we been up to? A lot of waiting. And waiting. And waiting. I told a good friend of mine that one of the things I'm really beginning to understand is how little control we have over things in life. In our cruising life we really see it when we are planning around wind and weather. In the boatyard and refitting times, we see it when we are waiting for work to be done. Not only have I learned that there a lots of things I can't control (the other side of how little control we have) I'm learning to not let it frustrate me.

We left Peñasco on 11 August expecting to be back by the 17th. Calla Lily is getting 30 years of accumulated bottom paint sand blasted off so we can do a proper bottom painting job. Things happened in the yard and she didn't get moved to the sand blasting yard until the 18th. And more delays because of rain. We finally decided to just go ahead and drive down yesterday, 15 August. We both miss being in Mexico and it was time to go.

We had a great time in Tucson visiting family and friends and hiking in the 60 degree temperatures on Mt Lemmon. I even got on my bike again. We used the time to polish up our project plans and organize the stuff we had ordered and had shipped to our daughter's house. We also tested out our new solar cooker by making brownies and braising some chicken and veggies. To get back, we decided to drive our remaining car (out of the 5 we had when we started shedding our belongings) down. One of the big advantages is that we now don't have to brave the 90-100 degree heat and 70% humidity every time we want to go somewhere.

We visited Calla Lily today at the sandblasting yard. She looks hundreds of pounds lighter without all that old paint on her. Hopefully, she'll be home and ready for us to get back to work on Monday.

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