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Dreaming of Paradise by Channing Stirrat

Back in the US for a week now, I am not convinced I actually went to Fiji. It feels like a dream; too good to be true. I’m eternally grateful to my parents for making the trip possible and to Sarah for being the best travel companion. I keep putting off writing this post because I’m not sure how or where to begin sharing the wonders of this experience. I went in with expectations of seeing cool marine life and spending quality time with people I love. I was underprepared, slightly uncomfortable, and unbelievably stoked on the outcomes.

We met wonderful people who laughed easily, shared earnestly, and took great pride in their magical home. The food was flavorful and unfamiliar yet still comforting, like you could savor the mutual love and respect shared between the Earth’s offerings and the person who prepared it for you.

The dolphins played around the boat and the fish ranged from curious to nervous to simply indifferent about our presence.

We saw soft corals and found multiple Nemos and witnessed an environment that is internationally recognized for its biodiversity and vibrancy. We were wholly embraced by our surroundings. And it was unbelievably beautiful.

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