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Finally, a few overnights in beautiful Bahias

Espiritu Santos is a popular ecotourism destination and it is little over a half-day sail from La Paz. For all the time we hurry up and wait for package deliveries we needed to get away; get back to nature. We chose our anchorage for hiking trails and we were not disappointed. Red rock climbing past a tidal lagoon, upward to a waterfall canyon. Dry but dramatic, ficus trees with tentacled roots were hanging from rock walls and emerging, full glory from sandy crags. Summer brings seasonal rains that flow down bouldery arroyos. We would love to revisit this anchorage for that.

Back to white beach, we crossed low-tide sands out to Candleras Rock and a found baby octopus racing the receding tide. Look at your sunglasses.. the end of the temple :: that is how big this wee one was! He was clumsily tumbling over sand to get to seawater. At first I could not tell if it was baby squid or octopus. I videoed his limited progress. Mike's offered an assist when he scooped up a small slab of wet sand with baby octopus aboard and carried it to the water. Absolutely the most marvelous wonder to behold to date.

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3 kommentarer

Just caught up on your blog. Love you guys!!! So happy you encountered a teeny 🐙 💗


It was pretty darn awesome! Crisp is an understatement. It is so stiff it won't fold up enough to fit in the stack pack. And it sails beautifully. It's a vast improvement over the saggy, baggy, Liberty 485 sail.


David West
David West
07 feb. 2022

Awesome!!! How'd she sail on that crisp new main?!?!?!?

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