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It's a DRY heat... N O T

As we move north along the east coast of Baja, the air is beginning to melt. The air is melting... drops, big wet drops cover all the canvas. The fresh water jerry jugs on deck are sweating. I am beginning to understand why folks in the South move slower, speak more slowly than myself. It's just hard to muster any gumption with humid heat. "Layin' up on it" makes sense and has a whole new significance to me. And porch swings? I GET IT: sitting outside on the porch to swing or that wicker-back rocking chair? They enable you to generate apparent wind with little to no exertion.

Who needs creams in this humidity? ANY type of lotion, and I'm very aware that sunscreen is a must-do, feels like spreading mayonnaise on your face and body. And as a result you've cancelled out any benefit of evaporative cooling. You can see the crisis here, right? Death by exertion, death by blistering sun, or death by steaming : Silent Scream.

The silver lining? The upside of this melting air? Spectacular clouds ...

... and mystical fog

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