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La Paz Work Week

La Paz Work Week

We are anchored at La Paz since last Saturday (almost a week now) doing boat projects and tying up loose ends that can better and only be done with Wifi. Here’s the list of projects we have for work week.

  • Find and fix a water leak from our water tanks - Done. Luckily it was a leaky 4 inch bit of water hose. Unluckily it was really really hard to remove and replace.

  • Install the propane locker

  • Activate the Iridium Go! - Done. We’ll share tracking their on our next trip

  • Install the Iridium Go!

  • Pull the Iridium Go! and AIS antenna wires from the lazarette in the stern through the conduit to the nav station

  • Pull 4 solar power wires through the same conduit

  • Install starter battery charger - Done

  • Install Inverter charger - Almost done. Wiring is complete, but it does not turn on. Wiring was a big job as it involved pulling 4 1/0 (large and heavy) cables. Currently in tech support hell and infinite loops with Victron sorting out the problem

  • Install water maker (dependent on installing the inverter charger) and in addition to having a water maker it will get some really large boxes emptied

  • Fuel filler hose replaced - Done - the prior owners used cellophane wrapped exhaust hose and diesel vapors permeated into the cabin

  • Install fans - we will need them in the spring when the weather warms up

  • Find a rack for our paddleboards

  • Source new longer (300 feet) anchor rode

  • Change engine oil

  • Change windlass gearbox oil

  • Install second autopilot controller - Done

We are tackling the wire and antenna pulling today. The port captain has closed La Paz due to weather. There's a bit of a norther going on and the seas are pretty rough. We've had a couple of rolly nights here at anchor. And we are going the La Paz waltz. That is when the tidal currents and the wind come from different directions and the boats wander around on the anchor-leashes. It's very similar to walking our dog, Millie, as she wanders about on her leash.

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David West
David West
Dec 22, 2021

You guys are getting stuff done! Awesome!! How is the supply of lunch meat holding up?

Replying to

We sure are. All the wires that were traipsing across the decks and cockpit are now run and the propane locker is operational now. We are still good on the lunch meat. Should last another year or so :)

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