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Mothers Day gift that keeps giving (photo share)

The kids gave me a microscope attachment for my computer that I can get an up-close look AND use to take photos of stuff I look at. Well, this tropical wee one succumbed to salt and was found on deck one morning. What a beautiful creature he is. Had to share! Please enjoy the wonder of it all ....

These are magnified images of tiny treasures from the sea :: inside look at a snag of coral (2); up close of a sea urchin shell; a couple of images from a vertebrae; a shell; and finally, magnified flying fish scales (2) set against pink post-it so detail would show. FUN!

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1 Comment

Maureen Metcalfe
Maureen Metcalfe
Jun 28, 2023

What a contrast from the endless sky and water to the cells of fish scales…

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