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Time with Tanner and Tahiti

It is a gift to have loved ones join us on this adventure. We are very grateful. Tanner's journey included some work time at both ends of his stay. This was smoothed by his delivery and set-up assist of Starlink... thank you babe!

All sorts of magic awaited us in Tahiti: a berth at Papeete Marina (in town and no reservations allowed, first in the open spot can stay); kids getting coached and practicing canoeing in the harbor; resident sea turtle in the marina. The urban atmosphere has a low-key buzz of two-stroke scooters and skateboards skimming sidewalks. Public art, public parks and the open air public market were energizing. (Tanner's conscripted to help set up the Starlink he sherpa'd from CO.)

Darling Danit! Reunited after our encounter with that wicked storm that took out SV Pegah's electrics. They had gone to Tahiti ahead of us to get systems sorted. We had a few play dates including shopping for loose Tahitian pearls and twinning dress. It was wonderful to share a dinner all together before we moved on with Tanner.

He's looking the pro on a spicey crossing (you may want to ask him about that) from Tahiti to Huahine - Raiatea - Taha'a. In Huahine we met up with SV Atmospheric and enjoyed the shell museum and a Rhum Distillery. We all sailed on to Raiatea :: what a rich heritage as the heart of the Society Islands.

Andres' farm is up the river and he was happy to share the fruit of his labors. He asks only that we pay what we want for the requested produce and shared fruit. SV Atmospheric and SV Mandolyn shared in the bounty.

Love you babe! Thanks for our most wonderful time in Tahiti!!

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