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Worth a thousand words

I want to share some images and short videos of wonderful creatures we have encountered while on the boat, exploring in the dinghy (as above), resting at tide pools, walking the beaches, or paddling stand up paddle boards ... we hope you are as delighted as we are.

Shout out to Furey for capturing this cheerful Great Kiscadee at Marina Vallarta

Tidal pool discoveries at La Cruz in Banderas Bay with Paige

This encounter was crazy because that fish was the size of my hand and not a skeleton -- not dried out -- it was fish flesh and it was hauled almost four feet to the crab's front door for safer dining.

Adorable(?) baby frigate bird on Isla Isabel. They stay in the nest for up to a year and a half, fed by parents!

Another favorite: Mike and I saw a small family of 10-15 dolphins off our beam at Isla Montserrat. We got on paddle boards to slowly wander out that direction, just to be a bit nearer. As we approached we stopped paddling, allowing them respectful distance. Kneeling on my board, I noticed one of the dolphins spy hop to check us out. They then circled around and made their way toward us ... much closer. So close in fact, that I lost sight of a couple coming toward me, Mike saw water churn when I felt a swirl underneath my board and then a rub along the bottom. A curious dolphin was checking us out, up close and personal. It was nothing short of breath-taking magic.

and then we continued our separate ways ---

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