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Photo Diary :: Toau 2023

Photos say so much more than words can convey. Toau with Wildflower and Auryn.

Toau :: Beach time included looking for shells, finding geckos and outgrown crab exoskeletons... Motu time (land/islets inside the lagoon) included finding cabbage trees and harvesting leaves for mealtime... and Boat time at anchor usually includes maintenance and fix-it projects.

As evening falls, we move from exploration to relaxation into game night. and MOON-SET

A special find of a shelter built by locals w/stacked coral walls curved round at the entrance was tucked into a low tree. Palm frond roof was secured by fish nets along with two hammocks outside. A firepit nearby included a couple of low benches. Wonderful rest stop indeed.

Another favorite anchorage shared with SV Auryn and SV Wildflower :: The False Pass on Toau, was quite an adventure to get across the shallowest reefs and into the lagoon for the best snorkeling yet, It's wonderful to see friendly sails over days as you make a crossing.

Tahiti is next! We are so excited to greet Tanner for shared adventures aboard Calla Lily.

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